A toolbox of everything you need to be an impactful, purpose-driven organisation in rapidly changing times.

Practical tutorials, digestible instructionals, and pragmatic frameworks to help you level up on:

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Built around the way you want to learn.

Iterate is built around ‘Toolboxes’ - expertly -curated selections of practical resources proven to get results. Each toolbox is broken down into easy step-by-step plans so you can take quick action and start seeing change straight away.

There’s no predetermined pathway - you’re free to explore Iterate’s tools in any order. The resources are designed for you to pick up and put down whenever suits your style of learning.

Even the world’s biggest tech companies find it hard to keep up with the pace of advancement sometimes.

So for hardworking public sector organisations and non-profits, it’s almost impossible.

To make a sustainable impact, organisations must bring together the technology and the human perspective. The head and the heart.

That’s what Iterate is all about.

Iterate was created by Beaker & Flint

A product and service design consultancy that helps NFPs and public sector organisations seize their opportunities and upskill their teams’ capabilities.

It’s a new way of consulting that empowers your organisation to be Better, as a Result.

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